Omar Souleyman + Hun Hun

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Bonne nouvelle nous pouvons enfin reprogrammer le concert d’OMAR SOULEYMAN prévu au Reflektor en 2020.
Following his critically acclaimed, Four Tet-produced studio debut « Wenu Wenu », its follow up « Bahdeni Nami », and 2017 Mad Decent debut « To Syria, With Love », Syrian wedding singer turned global dance icon Omar Souleyman announces his 4th studio album « Shlon » out November 22nd via Mad Decent / Because Music. On « Shlon » (Arabic for “how,” or literally “which color”), Omar Souleyman presents 6 new techno-meets-dabke songs of romance and love to the world.
Omar Souleyman, who has collaborated with Björk and Four Tet, began his career as a prolific wedding singer, releasing nearly 500 live albums before civil war broke out in his native Syria in 2011. In 2013 released his debut studio album Wenu Wenu via Ribbon/Domino, which NPR called, « …a jam so visceral, thrilling and intense as to make the mysterious matter of earthly borders seem hardly worth the time to contemplate. »
His 2015 sophomore album « Bahdeni Nami » garnered widespread critical praise including The Guardian, who proclaimed, « It’s so fast that the only appropriate way to engage with it is to wriggle your limbs. Melodies are both abrasive and ebullient, chattering endlessly like raucous birdsong, » and 2017’s To Syria, With Love via Mad Decent placing Omar firmly in the canon of global electronic music. Souleyman has bolstered his growing status as a world and electronic music icon establishing an extensive international following after touring widely and performing at major festivals including Glastonbury, Bonnaroo, Pitchfork Paris and Roskilde.
In 2013, he performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Norway. Omar Souleyman has been touring tirelessly since the release of T o Syria, With Love, or in fact for as long as he can remember in the last 10 years.
He has crossed the planet – now seeming quite small – several times over and looks forward to meeting his fans everywhere to celebrate the release of Shlon.
Hun Hun
Aux confins de la galaxie, Hun Hun (Jimmy et Noé Moens) collecte les sons rétro et navigue dans le paysage musical anatolien. Inspirés par les vieux films de série B turcs, Jimmy et Noé explorent le versant oriental de la musique psychédélique.

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05 juin 2022
04 Juin 2022


22 h 00 - 22 h 00



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